Pedro Páramo is Dead was a production for ElanFrantoio's Internationsl Summer School 2009 in Fucecchio, Italy. The production was conceived and directed
by Firenza Guidi and performed on the rooftop and parking garage of the local supermarket. It was inspired by Juan Rulfo's novel Pedro Páramo.

ELAN productions are a collaborative effort of many talented designers, performers, technicians and others under the direction of Firenza Guidi.

concept development
graphic design and promotion
creation of props
production assistant

Nicola Cioni, Madeleine Sobota, and Beth Weaver

Joe in the solar panels Robin and the entire company Lucia and the skylight ghosts lost in the solar panels costumes for the men concept for set elements costumes for the women Joe and his mask Beth carries Robin the company on the structure Ceri and the dancers Laura on the Chinese pole Beth on the structure